Lines From My Grandfather's Forehead.

Lines From My Grandfather's Forehead

Sketch show.

More Lines From My Grandfather's Forehead

More Lines From My Grandfather's Forehead

Ronnie Barker stars in four episodes of the comedy sketch show - including a Christmas special - as heard on BBC Radio 4.

Here's a further cornucopia of clever comedy, featuring sketches, monologues, poems and songs in this 2sequential entertainment for radio". The office party is given a new take and you'll also find these subjects among the sketches on this recording: a day trip to Boulogne, Mr Perch, Edwardian soiree, marriage, the end of the world, the connoisseur, as per estimate, population control, baby-care, a night at the ballet, duel and plain speaking. As well as a special take on Hamlet, there are also the poems The Audience and Curtain.

Co-written by Gerald Wiley (the pseudonym used by Ronnie Barker) and many others, this sophisticated cabaret-cum-sketch-show contains plenty of witty wordplay. Starring Ronnie Barker, with Terence Brady, Pauline Yates, Josephine Gordon and Dick Abell.

First released: Thursday 8th March 2012

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