Knowing Me, Knowing You... With Alan Partridge. Alan Partridge (Steve Coogan). Copyright: BBC.

Knowing Me, Knowing You... With Alan Partridge

BBC Radio 4 sitcom about a chat show. 6 episodes (1 series), 1992 - 1993. Stars Steve Coogan, Patrick Marber, Doon Mackichan, Rebecca Front and David Schneider.


The appearance of Tony Hayers marked the birth of one of the longest running characters in Alan Partridge`s world.

Hypnotist Tony Le Mesmer is mentioned in episode 2 and this character would later appear in the television show.

When originally broadcast on Radio 4, the fourth instalment was given the wrong introduction by the announcer in a mix up with episode five.

Alan`s mocking of Noel`s House Party was ironic considering that cast member Rebecca Front] had appeared in the show. She featured as Eddie Large`s interviewer in his Gotcha.