Kicking The Habit. Copyright: Jarvis and Ayres Productions.

Kicking The Habit

BBC Radio 4 comedy drama. 12 episodes (2 series), 2007 - 2008. Stars Martin Jarvis, Roy Dotrice, Alfred Molina, Darren Richardson, Rosalind Ayres, Alan Shearman, Matthew Wolf and others.

Series 1

1. If The Boot Fits, Share It

First broadcast: Friday 27th July 2007

While dutiful Father Michael seeks spiritual guidance, his capable administrator Mave is possibly the real power behind the shrine.


2. Long Distance Friar

First broadcast: Friday 3rd August 2007

Father Athanasias is tweaking his bath chair for greater speed. Brother Luke is in training for the marathon, but when the Anglicans suggest a rival entrant the race is really on.


3. Holy Des Res

First broadcast: Friday 10th August 2007

Even though the friary has occupied its idyllic riverside setting for over 600 years, it is not protected from the greedy gaze of property developers. And not all the brothers are opposed to the idea of progress.


4. Barrow Rage

First broadcast: Friday 17th August 2007

Brother Luke's past continues to catch up with him. Father Athanasius's carbon footprint has an impact on the friary's weeding and watering policies.


5. Old Spots Before The Eyes

First broadcast: Friday 24th August 2007

Brother Luke suggests that the friary acquires a pig. Since one of the brothers already keeps bees, the possibility of honey-roasted ham on the refectory menu is especially appealing to Father Bertie.


6. Nights To Remember

First broadcast: Friday 31st August 2007

Brother Butterscotch's Fresh Whip turns out to be a commercial success, but Father Michael's plan to make the lives of the older brothers more comfortable might not be such a good idea.