Croft and Pearce.

June & Jean

radio sitcom project which was not made.

This comedy has never been broadcast.

June & Jean

Radio 4 sitcom about two middle-aged women who find life a strain. Written by double act Croft & Pearce

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BBC Radio 4
4   (1 series)
Hannah Croft and Fiona Pearce

A sitcom based on the characters created by double act Croft & Pearce.

June & Jean will follow two middle-aged women who find modern life in the Home Counties a strain, be it the stress of their rhubarb chutney not setting in time for the craft fair, the prospect of an influx of migrant workers, or the pressure of shopping at John Lewis.

The writers said: "We are over the moon - it's a dream come true to have our own series on Radio 4. We're sure June and Jean would be beside themselves with anxiety about it all."

The actors who will play the main characters have not yet been cast.

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