Jason Manford And Friends. Jason Manford. Copyright: Open Mike Productions.

Jason Manford And Friends

BBC Radio 2 stand-up. 2 episodes (1 series) in 2009. Stars Jason Manford.

Press Clippings

He may be seen as a surprise choice to co-host The One Show, but Jason Manford has a homeliness and likeability that should suit the early-evening BBC1 crowd. Obviously his act here is post-watershed stuff (jokes centred around the groin area), but the way he banters rather than spars with his heartland audience at Manchester's Apollo Theatre is a winning tactic and immediately puts them at their ease. The topics he covers - driving lessons, childhood fears and funny things your dad says - inevitably invite comparisons with Peter Kay, but Manford feels the less nostalgic of the two. Some may regard his laid-back style as lacking edge, but it must take a lot of practice to appear so relaxed.

David Brown, Radio Times, 19th June 2010

There were more than 750 comedy shows on at the Edinburgh Fringe this year. Even if you think you've heard quite enough already on Radio 4 and read too much about them everywhere you have to admire the steely determination of Jason Manford (of Eight Out of Ten Cats) and his producer, Julia Mackenzie, in boiling the lot down to two half-hours. This is the first, featuring Kevin Bridges, Mick Ferry, Sarah Millican and Mike Wilmot, all of whom may have their own shows this time next year. You never know, they might even make you laugh.

Gillian Reynolds, The Telegraph, 3rd September 2009