I've Never Seen Star Wars. Marcus Brigstocke. Copyright: BBC.

I've Never Seen Star Wars

BBC Radio 4 and BBC Radio 4 Extra chat show. 36 episodes (6 series), 2008 - 2015. Stars Marcus Brigstocke.

Series 5, Episode 4 is repeated on Radio 4 Extra tomorrow at 11pm.


The title of this show stems from the fact that Bill Dare, the creator and producer of the show, has never actually seen the famous sci-fi film.

Following his first ever colonic irrigation session, Phill Jupitus immediately booked another appointment. By the sounds of it, Marcus Brigstocke will not be returning to the clinic again with him (the host described the 'after effects' to the audience)

Producer Bill Dare was summoned onto the 24/10/2008 episode of Radio 4's Feedback to respond to complaints about I've Never Seen Star Wars.

The show, which looks at BBC radio programmes and policy, had received a number of complaints from listeners, most of which revolved around the colonic irrigation, foie gras and pornography segments.

Dare pointed out that the ideas came from the guests themselves and that the show delivered a moral message in relation to the foie gras and pornography.

This interview has been commented on by The Guardian

Despite the complaints (see the other trivia item), a second series of the show was announced just days after the first series had finished - one of the quickest ever commissioning turnarounds by Radio 4.