I've Never Seen Star Wars. Marcus Brigstocke. Copyright: BBC.

I've Never Seen Star Wars

BBC Radio 4 and BBC Radio 4 Extra chat show. 36 episodes (6 series), 2008 - 2015. Stars Marcus Brigstocke.

Series 4

1. Ian Hislop

First broadcast: Monday 5th September 2011

Ian Hislop tries four new things for the first time. He buys his first-ever pair of jeans; plays Grand Theft Auto; meditates; and bakes a cake.

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2. Frank Skinner

First broadcast: Monday 12th September 2011

Marcus Brigstocke asks Frank Skinner to try a spray tan, watch Inspector Morse, eat Jugged Hare and change a car tyre.

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3. Alan Davies

First broadcast: Monday 19th September 2011

Marcus Brigstocke invites Alan Davies to try several things for the first time. Alan, a reluctant vocalist, sings in public for the first time. He also has a pedicure and reads Huckleberry Finn.

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4. Giles Coren

First broadcast: Monday 26th September 2011

Giles Coren, a die-hard carnivore, tries being a vegan for a whole week. He also reads his first ever Harry Potter and is asked to dance in public for the very first time.

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5. Kathy Burke

First broadcast: Monday 3rd October 2011

Kathy Burke had never been to Harrods - despite being a life-long Londoner. She tries this and three other new experiences in the show that is all about getting out of the comfort zone.

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6. Sarah Millican

First broadcast: Monday 10th October 2011

Sarah Millican is persuaded by Marcus Brigstocke to try a few new experiences, including eating with chopsticks.

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