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Inspector Steine

BBC Radio 4 comedy drama. 25 episodes (4 series), 2007 - 2013. Stars Michael Fenton Stevens, John Ramm, Matt Green, Jan Ravens, Samantha Spiro, Janet Ellis and Robert Bathurst.

Inspector Steine

1. Operation Whooooo!

First broadcast: Friday 26th January 2007

When a headless corpse is found on the ghost train on the Palace Pier, Steine puts the death down to natural causes. But can new policeman Twitten help Brunswick prove otherwise?


2. His Last Review

First broadcast: Friday 2nd February 2007

A famous London theatre critic is found dead in his seat at the Theatre Royal after a performance of the kitchen-sink drama, A Shilling in the Meter.


3. Eyes Down

First broadcast: Friday 9th February 2007

Steine decides to go undercover at the Black Cat Casino, much to Brunswick's profound dismay. Meanwhile, a robbery takes place in the bank next door to the police station.


4. That's The Way To Do It

First broadcast: Friday 16th February 2007

When Vince the Ventriloquist moves his booth to a new pitch on the Brighton seafront, he receives threats from an unknown source. But Inspector Steine is more concerned with judging the knickerbocker glory competition.


5. The Woman

First broadcast: Friday 23rd February 2007

Steine falls in love for the very first time when he bumps into Adelaide Vine, the beautiful owner of a fish and chip shop in Oriental Place. But is there more to Adelaide than meets the eye? Brunswick thinks so.


6. The Anniversary

First broadcast: Friday 2nd March 2007

It's the five-year anniversary of the Middle Street Massacre. While Steine ponders on how to celebrate Mrs Groyne's deranged nephew, Brian the Brain breaks out of Broadmoor with revenge on his lips.


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Inspector Steine

Inspector Steine Audio

Release date: Monday 3rd March 2008

This is the first series of Lynne Truss' hugely popular BBC Radio 4 comedy thriller set in 1950s Brighton - a place of knickerbocker glories, end-of-the pier shows... and an enormous amount of unsolved crime.