Rebecca Front.

Incredible Women

BBC Radio 4 comedy drama in which Rebecca Front plays various characters. 35 episodes (7 series), 2011 - 2018. Stars Rebecca Front and Jeremy Front.

Series 4

1. Kirstie Clarke

First broadcast: Monday 28th December 2015

Meet Kirstie Clarke. She tells it like it is. No holds barred, no matter who she offends. In fact the more people she offends, the better. The next booking will just come along faster.

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2. Maria Webber

First broadcast: Tuesday 29th December 2015

Jeremy meets the government's new special adviser to schools, Maria Webber.

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3. Mandy Fenwick

First broadcast: Wednesday 30th December 2015

Meet Mandy Fenwick. A huge child star in the 1980s, she inspired a new generation of young actors.

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4. Linda Ridley

First broadcast: Thursday 31st December 2015

Crime writer Linda draws on her East End background to write bestsellers chock-full of gruesome crimes.

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5. Judi Santos

First broadcast: Friday 1st January 2016

Jeremy meets the iconic 1960s folk singer, who never sold out on her principles. But is it all sunshine and flowers in the Garden of Eden?

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