Andrew Lawrence: How Did We End Up Like This?. Andrew Lawrence. Copyright: BBC.

Andrew Lawrence: How Did We End Up Like This?

BBC Radio 4 stand-up. 6 episodes (1 series) in 2012. Stars Andrew Lawrence, Marek Larwood and Sara Pascoe.

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In this new series on Radio 4, comic ranter Andrew Lawrence explores different social themes - from their impact in the modern world and throughout the rest of history - alongside fellow comedians Marek Larwood and Sara Pascoe.

In the opening episode, Lawrence looked at the subject of diet and food in his usual style; Lawrence's delivery is highly enjoyable if you can get into it. For some, it might be a bit too rapid-fire, but if you can keep up with the pace it does often pay off in big laughs.

Lawrence also cleverly avoids falling into the trap that many "ranters" fall into, which is that he avoids coming across as too angry. Some comedians often like to build up to a massive rage, but with his more deadpan approach Lawrence's commentary is a lot more subtle than most.

For those who do find the delivery too speedy for them, luckily the show is broken up with sketches and songs. The songs in question were something of a highlight in the programme, my personal favourite being Lawrence's guide to rickets. In the end, a good opening episode.

Ian Wolf, Giggle Beats, 29th October 2012

Comedian Andrew Lawrence is in his early 30s but he sounds like a malevolent child. His comedy is at its strongest when he is spitting venom at those who have wronged him in the past or random groups that have aroused his ire.

The subject for this opening show is the food we eat and a troubling memory of being the fat kid at school - almost impossible to believe if you have seen his rake-like physique - is the first trigger for a rant. From here on he takes no prisoners, with vegetarians, meat-eaters, supermarkets and middle-class food snobs in particular feeling the full force of his rage.

In a very weird way, this reminded me of listening to something that one might expect to spew forth from Frankie Boyle's mouth but that's delivered in Joe Pasquale's voice. Keeping with the food theme, it will have a Marmite effect on listeners.

Jane Anderson, Radio Times, 25th October 2012