Hopes And Desires.

Hopes And Desires

BBC Radio 4 comedy. 4 episodes in 2003.

Episode Guide


First broadcast: Monday 5th May 2003

Bill Nighy plays Professor Swann, whose favourite past-time is seducing female students over a languorous meal of spaghetti vongole. But what is he really looking for? And can he improve before he's landed in deeper water than the ornate Italian clam he so relishes?


The Nonentity

First broadcast: Monday 12th May 2003

Moscow: Dmitri once made a good living writing dull social-realist stories that pleased the ruling communist party. Now times have changed and his work is ignored. So why has a young woman publisher flown all the way from London to meet him?


Toad Squad

First broadcast: Monday 19th May 2003

Reg, bitter at being retired prematurely, finds a toad crushed on the road as it was crossing to mate. Now Reg has a mission. In future, none of the toad's fellow creatures will end up looking like flattened gardening gloves.


The Anniversary Waltz

First broadcast: Monday 26th May 2003

Max and Shirley bicker all day long in their north-London deli. Max believes the customers love their bantering but Shirley has had enough. There must be more to life than this.