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Holmes And Watford

BBC Radio 4 sitcom about two policewomen. 5 episodes (1 series) in 2017. Stars Jessica Ransom, Susan Wokoma, Joivan Wade and Ellie Darvill.

Series 1

1. Episode One

First broadcast: Monday 18th December 2017

Today a teenager runs out of a shop - surely he must have done something wrong?


2. Episode Two

First broadcast: Tuesday 19th December 2017

An old lady is reported missing, could David Attenborough be involved in her disappearance?


3. Episode Three

First broadcast: Wednesday 20th December 2017

A couple have a row outside a pub, but Tina has a vested interest in ensuring they do not make up.


4. Episode Four

First broadcast: Thursday 21st December 2017

A burglary has taken place, and Tina has a lightbulb moment as to who may have committed the crime.


5. Episode Five

First broadcast: Friday 22nd December 2017

A speeding driver brings back painful memories of her schooldays for Sue.