History Retweeted

BBC Radio 4 sketch show. 4 episodes (1 series) in 2014. Stars Tim Barnes, Simon Berry, Wayne Forester, Annabelle Llewellyn, Peter Temple, Jelly Macintosh and Lucy Beaumont.

Series 1

1. The Moon Landing

First broadcast: Wednesday 19th February 2014

We follow the crew of Apollo 11 as they cruise to the moon. We're given a snapshot of an internet-savvy 1960s - astronauts are trolled, Action Chaps are sold, and America wins gold in the space race. A space-based David Bowie and a caterpillar's eating disorder are the trending topics of the day.


2. The Premiere of Romeo and Juliet

First broadcast: Wednesday 26th February 2014

Up-and-coming playwright Billy Shakespeare ponders how his new work will be received, but he does not need to worry, as the 16th century now comes complete with wi-fi.


3. The Great Pyramid

First broadcast: Wednesday 5th March 2014

The Nile turns into video streams, order your pet mummification online and find out how Pharaoh Khufu built that great feat of mankind while maintaining a hashtag game with his followers.


4. The Fall of the Berlin Wall

First broadcast: Wednesday 12th March 2014

East meets West in the field of online dating, 1980s children's programming pops up on your screen, and Tim Berners-Lee tweets about his world-changing new invention.