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Henry Normal

BBC Radio 4 stand-up and poetry from Henry Normal. 6 episodes, 2016 - 2020. Stars Henry Normal.

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Henry Normal - A Normal...Family, Life, Love, Imagination & Nature

Henry Normal - A Normal...Family, Life, Love, Imagination & Nature

Henry Normal uses poetry, storytelling and comedy to tackle big subjects with his trademark humour. This collection includes five of his funny and moving BBC Radio 4 shows:

'A Normal Family' is centred around Henry's son, Johnny, who was diagnosed with autism. Through stand-up and poetry, Henry explores what this means for Johnny, for himself, and for his wife, Angela.

'A Normal Life' continues to draw on Henry's experiences of bringing up a child with autism, and tackles the subjects of life, death, loneliness, loss, human frailty and other classic conversation stoppers.

'A Normal Love' sees Henry explore love, romance and other unreasonable expectations.

'A Normal Imagination' looks at the reasons why humans create.

'A Normal Nature' is an exploration of unsung nature, from the point of view of a busy urban human.

These extended episodes include material never broadcast on the radio.

A Normal Life was awarded a Silver ARIA for Best Comedy/Entertainment production at the 2017 Radio Academy Awards.

First published: Thursday 21st March 2019

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