Hazelbeach. Ronnie Hazelbeach (Jamie Foreman). Copyright: BBC.


BBC Radio 4 sitcom / comedy drama about a crook. 16 episodes (3 series), 2007 - 2010. Stars Jamie Foreman, Paul Bazely, Tracy Wiles, John Dougall and others.

Press Clippings

Four further adventures of nice Nick (Paul Bazely), who inherited a house only to find it occupied by charming but dodgy Hazelbeach (Jamie Foreman). Since then, in this lively comedy by Caroline and David Stafford, they've managed to live under the same roof. But the first of their latest series starts with lightning striking that very roof, water pouring in and the dreaded James, Nick's girlfriend's former husband, sneaking in too. You don't have to believe that every atom of the story could be true. But Nick's misadventures with roof men sound only too familiar.

Gillian Reynolds, The Telegraph, 16th November 2010

David and Caroline Stafford's Hazelbeach has morphed into a superannuated flat-sharing saga. It may be entertaining and the eponymous character is still a con man, but he's certainly not likeable.

Moira Petty, The Stage, 14th July 2009

Ronnie Hazelbeach is a nice sort, but pretty dodgy. The exposition at the start of this new series gets you into the picture quite smartly. He (played by Jamie Foreman) shares a house with nice but really gullible Nick (Paul Bazely). Enter a third man, James (Neil Stuke), who's not nice at all and has come from the arms of Nick's true love. She's thrown him out and he's got nowhere to go. Will they let him move into their house of menopause? David and Caroline Stafford's comedy is full of such sundry quips and insights into the male mind.

Gillian Reynolds, The Telegraph, 13th July 2009