Goodness Gracious Me.

Goodness Gracious Me

BBC Radio 4 sketch show satirising British and Asian culture. 14 episodes (3 series), 1996 - 1999.

Series 2, Episode 4 is repeated on Radio 4 Extra on Wednesday at 10:30pm.

Goodness Gracious Me - The Complete BBC Radio Series 1-3

Goodness Gracious Me - The Complete BBC Radio Series 1-3

Nothing escaped the eye of the satirical eye of Britain's phenomenally successful all-Asian sketch show that was Goodness Gracious Me. This BBC radio series predated the award-winning TV series that ran in the late 1990s, featuring the same cast.

Prepare for your heart to pound in the Indian recreation of Brief Encounter, sing along to the profound words of wisdom with Fifty Ways to Leave your Mother, and enjoy pop classics such as Hindi People and Punjabi Girl.

Along with the discovery that The Royal Family are actually Indian, there are a ton of characters to enjoy: the Guru, Smeeta Smitten, the Coopers, Mrs I-Can-Make-it-at-Home and Mr Everything-Comes-from-India.

If you don't like your comedy to be really, really bland (like a good English) then Goodness Gracious Me is the satirical series for you.

First published: Thursday 23rd May 2019

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