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Sian Clifford to star in Radio 4's Woman's Hour spoof

Wednesday 19th June 2024, 9:44am

Time Of The Week. Chloe Slack (Sian Clifford)

Fleabag star Sian Clifford is taking the central role in Time Of The Week, a spoof of Woman's Hour which is coming to BBC Radio 4 from 6th July.

The four-part character show is created by award-winning comedian and former Woman's Hour producer Lorna Rose Treen alongside Jonathan Oldfield. It parodies live women's current affairs and talk shows with Clifford set to play self-obsessed host Chloe Slack.

Presented as a live radio show, with the pressures and battles that brings - each episode contains interviews, location reports and features, as well as panel discussions and voice notes from listeners.

Time Of The Week. Image shows left to right: Jodie Mitchell, Aruhan Galieva, Lorna Rose Treen, Chloe Slack (Sian Clifford), Jonathan Oldfield, Alice Cockayne

The ensemble cast also features Ada Player, Alice Cockayne, Aruhan Galieva, Em Prendergast, Jodie Mitchell, Mofé Akàndé and Sara Segovia.

The BBC says: "Championing ridiculous ideas and bold new characters, Time Of The Week warps the shows being parodied into surreal and satirical shapes - you'll hear Chloe speak to the first woman to put her whole forearm into her mouth, an MP campaigning to ban the menopause and a woman who has had so much plastic surgery she now looks like a car."

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