Fags, Mags And Bags. Image shows from L to R: Sanjay (Omar Raza), Ramesh (Sanjeev Kohli), Dave (Donald Mcleary), Alok (Susheel Kumar). Copyright: The Comedy Unit.

Fags, Mags And Bags

BBC Radio 4 sitcom set in a newsagent shop. 44 episodes (8 series), 2007 - 2018. Stars Sanjeev Kohli, Donald Mcleary, Omar Raza, Susheel Kumar and others.

Series 7, Episode 4 is repeated on Radio 4 Extra on Wednesday at 7:30am.

Series 1

1. Raising Keenan

First broadcast: Monday 1st October 2007

Ramesh is keen that young tearaway Keenan has good male role models. His solution is to engineer a meeting with potential suitors for Keenan's mum.


2. The De-magowaning Of Ramesh

First broadcast: Monday 8th October 2007

Ramesh is delighted as he teaches his son Sanjay some of the finer arts of shopkeeping. But is his eagerness only due to the fact that he wants to borrow his dad's Merc?


3. Wall Of Crisps

First broadcast: Monday 15th October 2007

The Wall of Crisps welcomes another snack to its ranks. However, the Chutney Windmills bring more trouble than they are worth.


4. Build The Titanic

First broadcast: Monday 22nd October 2007

Mrs Muirhead's devotion to the scale model of the Titanic is as doomed as the ship itself.


5. The Festival Of Maltodextrin

First broadcast: Monday 29th October 2007

Ramesh concocts a fake religious festival in an attempt to shift the mountain of fireworks he has been unable to sell since Bonfire Night.


6. January, February

First broadcast: Monday 5th November 2007

Trouble brews when Ramesh agrees to let a member of the UKRP put a poster up in his shop window, but Ramesh has the last laugh.


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