Pooky Quesnel.

The Rosenthals: Eskimo Day

BBC Radio 4 comedy drama about university entrants. 1 episode in 2017. Stars David Moorst, Rosie Day, Pooky Quesnel, Nicholas Gleaves and others.

Press Clippings

The Rosenthals: Eskimo Day is Amy Rosenthal's radio adaptation of the piece her late father Jack wrote for television in 1996 about the poignant experience of delivering her to her university interviews. The piece gets its name from the day when Eskimos are said to mark their passage to adulthood by wandering off into the snow. The TV film spawned a sequel, Cold Enough to Snow, which is also adapted next week and will be followed by Thin Ice, Amy's own account of university.

The Guardian, 31st April 2017