Old Boats.

Elephants To Catch Eels

BBC Radio 4 comedy drama. 12 episodes (2 series), 2003 - 2004. Stars Lucy Speed, John Bowe, Andrew McGibbon, Cameron Stewart, Martin Hyder and Mark Felgate.

Series 2

1. Awards

First broadcast: Tuesday 20th April 2004

Tamsyn is not pleased, as yet again she's failed to win the coveted 'Smuggling Personality of the Year' award.

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2. Highwaymen

First broadcast: Tuesday 27th April 2004

Major Falconer attempts to become more of a cad to win Tamsyn, but she is more concerned that her disloyal fans are being poached by 'Boyz 2 Rob', the hunky band of highwaymen that are taking Drumlin Bay by storm.


3. France

First broadcast: Tuesday 4th May 2004

Tamsyn has been captured by the revolutionaries, and faces an excruciating torture involving a shuttlecock, some badminton rackets, and two fat naked Germans.


4. Charity

First broadcast: Tuesday 11th May 2004

It's Jester's Relief week in Drumlin Bay, and Tamsyn is a bit tired of raising money for the people of Devon, just because their clotted cream is slightly less clotted than the Cornish equivalent.


5. London

First broadcast: Tuesday 18th May 2004

Jago has been kidnapped and taken to London, but Dewey is far more interested in seeing 'Bedlam' ('Looneys, Looneys and More Looneys' - the Times) which is now in its sixth record-breaking year.


6. Mother

First broadcast: Tuesday 25th May 2004

Tamsyn's mother 'Lizabeth suddenly turns up at the tavern - after it was thought she had drowned fifteen years ago - and greets Tamsyn with the immortal phrase... 'Ello Princess...'


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