Old Boats.

Elephants To Catch Eels

BBC Radio 4 comedy drama. 12 episodes (2 series), 2003 - 2004. Stars Lucy Speed, John Bowe, Andrew McGibbon, Cameron Stewart, Martin Hyder and Mark Felgate.

Tamsyn Trelawney

Smuggler and Barmaid.   Played by: Lucy Speed

Tamsyn is the greatest smuggler in Drumlin Bay, and possibly one the greatest smugglers in all of history. Sadly however, she never gets any of the credit. Part of the problem is that hardly anyone takes her seriously because she is a woman. Luckily, this is also one of the reasons that she never gets captured.

Jago Trelawney

AKA: Jago Grumbleweed Trelawney.  Smuggler and publican.   Played by: John Bowe

Jago is Tamsyn's father who keeps stealing all of his daughter's credit, despite the fact that he is constantly drunk. He more often than not hinders Tamsyn's plans rather than helping her.

Captain Marriot

Customs Officer.   Played by: Andrew McGibbon

Marriot is the local customs officer who's job is to capture any smugglers in Drumlin Bay. He normally does quite well in that he is one of the few officers who is no way corrupt. However, his boss fails to realise that Tamsyn is a smuggling genius.

Major Thomas Falconer

Customs Officer.   Played by: Cameron Stewart

Major Falconer is a new arrival to Drumlin Bay as well as Marriot's new boss. While Tamsyn is the most successful, Falconer never suspects her because he believes no woman could be responsible for such a crime wave. He often spends much of his time falling in love with her.

Squire Bascombe

Mayor.   Played by: Martin Hyder

Bascombe is the mayor of Drumlin Bay. He is very corrupt and is always profiting from the smuggling that takes place in the town. He also spends much of his time having affairs.


Smuggler.   Played by: Mark Felgate

Dewey assists Tamsyn in her smuggling. However, due to his incredible stupidity Tamsyn often sees him as something of a liability.