Double Science. Image shows from L to R: Colin Jackson (Ben Willbond), Kenneth Farley-Pitman (Justin Edwards). Copyright: BBC.

Double Science

BBC Radio 4 sitcom. 6 episodes (pilot + 1 series), 2007 - 2008. Stars Ben Willbond, Justin Edwards, Raza Jaffrey, Rebecca Front and Margaret Cabourn-Smith.

Press Clippings

By fluke rather than by design, my children and I have listened to the last two of these shows. Last week, the eldest, who until then had been in quite a sunny mood, suddenly lost all her joie de vivre and said, Is this the one that's supposed to be funny but isn't? Let's give it a chance, I said. Thirty laugh-free minutes later, the children were looking defeated and mistrustful.

Nicholas Lezard, The Independent, 1st June 2008

This should become the official 'revenge of the nerds' comedy. Written by and starring Ben Willbond and Justin Edwards, this is a tale of two men caught in a perpetual adolescence - one a frustrated hetrosexual, the other a frustrated homosexual.

The fact they are teachers at a sixth-form college permits them to continue living in a flashback episode of Men Behaving Badly set in a school. The comedy is character-driven first, situation second, plot third, but it definitely works.

Radio Times, 14th May 2008