Desolation Jests. Image shows from L to R: Rory Bremner, David Jason, John Bird, Jan Ravens. Copyright: BBC.

Desolation Jests

BBC Radio 4 sketch show starring David Jason. 4 episodes (1 series), 2016 - 2017. Stars David Jason, John Bird, Jan Ravens and Rory Bremner.

Series 1

1. Frankie 'Flesh Eater' Harris

First broadcast: Tuesday 13th December 2016

Interviewer J.P. Doom interviews Frankie "Flesh Eater" Harris about a life at the top of the Most Wanted list, and discusses what sketch-based chuckles he would choose to lighten his heart if he found himself stranded in a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

In-depth Guide

2. Viktor Schmelling

First broadcast: Tuesday 20th December 2016

JP Doom interviews Viktor Schmelling about his career in comedy, from his humble beginnings as a joke writer for the Queen to his current role as emeritus professor of Princeton University's Faculty of Laughter.


3. Lucian Bile

First broadcast: Tuesday 27th December 2016

Lucian Bile, aka Rot Caries, Britain's first and only punk dentist, chooses his favourite moments from a not-altogether-accurate history of comedy.


4. Sydney Pynchlink

First broadcast: Tuesday 3rd January 2017

Sir Sydney Pynchlink, the innovative director behind some of the country's most admired weather forecasts, chooses the laughs that would comfort him most during the extinction of all life on the planet; including a joke too dangerous for parliament, a horse with three legs, and a lobster with a rather crucial piece of evidence.