Danny Robins Music Therapy. Danny Robins. Copyright: BBC.

Danny Robins Music Therapy

BBC Radio 4 stand-up. 4 episodes (1 series) in 2008. Stars Danny Robins and Isy Suttie.


Danny Robins, with the help of a Status Quo tribute band create their anthem for Middlesbrough

There's a town in the North-East
It gets a little bit of stick, to say the least
The People down south, they like to say
It's the worst place to live in the whole UK
I don't get it, I don't understand
How can they say it's any worse than Sunderland?
Whoa-ho! Middlesbrough! It's the rockinist place in the world!

Middlesbrough, one Hell of a town
Just like diet coke, it's fizzy and brown
The locals are as friendly as locals can be
You can even have a chat with the CCTV
As towns go, I think it's the best
There's loads of worst places, just look at Leices-ter
Whoa-ho! Middlesbrough! It's the rockinist place in the world!

Well I like, I love it, I think it's a stunner.
Its urban beauty inspired the film Blade Runner.
Do you know it was the birthplace of Captain Cook?
There are three shopping centres and there all worth a look.
It's very multicultural, you'd be impressed
Its got seven curry houses and a Pizza Express.
It isn't all flat caps, whippets and beer,
It's also the home of Paul Daniels, Chubby Brown, and Chris Rea.

When I hear them slag of the town
It makes me so cross I need to lie down
On a seven grand bench in a prime location
Like Doctor Who, the centre's regenerating
Please excuse me for being direct
But just the word "Boro" makes my nipples erect
Hurrah, he-ho, la-la-iddlesbrough
But I can't find a rhyme for Middlesbrough
But if you need a dictionary it'll can-gh
So stop complaining or I'll kick your face in
It's the rockinist place in the world!
Yeah, Middlesbrough's good!

Danny Robins in Series 1, Episode 2