Damn The Torpedoes. Copyright: Kirrin Productions.

Damn The Torpedoes!

BFBS Radio sketch show with military themes. 8 episodes (pilot + 1 series), 2014 - 2017. Stars Alex Lowe, Alex Perkins, Debbie Arnold, Lewis Macleod and others.

Series 1

1. Episode One

First broadcast: Friday 29th August 2014

This episode features Peter Allis bringing us the inter-services golf championships from Kabul; three very surprising guest interrogators; the children's programme specially for military families, Thomas the Tank; and a French bomb disposal expert with a difference. Barry from Watford is at the Imperial War Museum and the Blue Arrows return to ruin another display.

In-depth Guide

2. Episode Two

First broadcast: Friday 26th September 2014

In this episode get more blades with the Mach Ten helicopter; Auntie Maureen offers hobnobs to treat PTSD; the Army provide unusual strike cover at the nursery; and no one, but no one, can defeat the Hollywood Squadron.


3. Episode Three

In this episode, an ice cream van to tempt out troops on the run in the desert, the American Army's new electro-legs go horribly wrong and the military wives choir make an explosive entrance.


Christmas Special

First broadcast: Thursday 25th December 2014

The first Damn The Torpedoes Christmas Special, featuring Danny Dyer doing "that" Winston Churchill speech, the most blinged up stealth vehicle ever conceived and the military deploying its most terrible weapon - the Michael McIntyre Machine Gun. And as it's the season of goodwill, there's an all-faiths Christmas church service for pagans, atheists and Jedi.