Boxer And Doberman

BBC Radio 7 comedy drama about a cop duo in Scotland. 6 episodes (2 series), 2009 - 2010. Stars Finlay Welsh, Anita Vettesse, James Bryce and Alastair Jessiman.

Boxer & Doberman - The Complete Series 1 & 2

Boxer & Doberman - The Complete Series 1 & 2

All six episodes of the gloriously gritty comedy crime drama.

Taggart meets A Touch Of Cloth in this parody police procedural featuring DI Bob Boxer and his sidekick DC Shona Doberman. They're an unlikely couple of cops - he's grizzled, old-school and wears a cardigan; she's young, instinctive and wields a Blackberry. But together they tackle cases so tough, they'd make Frost flinch and Rebus run away...

In Headless In Glasgow, a serial killer is targeting academics - can the duo track down the multiple murderer? The Killings In Kirkibrae sees them probing a link between some gruesome murders in Glasgow and some nasty deaths in an idyllic Highlands village. In The Big Cheese, Boxer falls into the clutches of a sadistic old enemy who exploits one of his deepest childhood terrors. Could a good cop really go bad? And in The Seat Of Evil, Boxer and Doberman delve into a celebrity killing spree as the plot thickens like fog on the Clyde.

Murder Is Child's Play finds two rival crime bosses competing for a coveted children's book award. With Glasgow campaigning to win 'European City of Kindness', can our detective duo prevent gang warfare? Finally, in The Black Widow, when Boxer and Doberman are called to investigate the brutal slaying of a popular Scottish actor, they become entangled (as you do) in a web of intrigue - one that gets even stickier when Boxer falls for the victim's seductive widow....

First released: Thursday 21st January 2021

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