Beef And Dairy Network. Benjamin Partridge.

Beef And Dairy Network

BBC Radio 4 comedy about beef and dairy matters. 10 episodes (2 series), 2017 - 2018. Stars Benjamin Partridge.

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The British Podcast Awards sampler - comedy podcasts

Looking for a new podcast? Rhianna Dhillon shares the best moments in Comedy, Fiction and True Crime from the nominees for the British Podcast Awards 2017.

Rhianna Dhillon, The Guardian, 23rd April 2017

Beef And Dairy Network Podcast to be broadcast on Radio 4

The Beef And Dairy Network Podcast, a spoof show by Benjamin Partridge about "the production of beef animals and dairy herds", is to be broadcast on Radio 4.

British Comedy Guide, 13th April 2017

Preview: Edinburgh Fringe 2015

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is back with an innovative, international and adventurous festival, bound to provide many unforgettable moments for festival goers travelling to Scotland's capital city from all around the world.

Andrew Dipper, Giggle Beats, 2nd August 2015