Baggage. Caroline (Hilary Lyon). Copyright: ABsoLuTeLy Productions.


BBC Radio 4 comedy drama. 24 episodes (4 series), 2005 - 2009. Stars Hilary Lyon, Adie Allen, Phyllis Logan, Moray Hunter, June Watson, Robin Cameron, David Rintoul and others.

Press Clippings


Warmth, realism, humour - and now ghosts - make Baggage a continuing pleasure.

Camilla Redmond, The Guardian, 6th August 2009

Staggering stoically under the weight of their emotional baggage, Hilary Lyon's Edinburgh-based 40-something friends are back for a fourth series. At the end of series three, Fiona had died from breast cancer, leaving her ex-husband Roddy and best friend Caroline to co-parent her baby, April. A year later and this "strangely shaped, mad little family", augmented by April's birth father (and Church of Scotland minister) Nicholas, and Fiona's Alzheimer-afflicted mother Gladys, - oh, and a dog - set off to scatter Fiona's ashes at Ruth's lakeside cabin. It is all very postmodern yet strangely old-fashioned at the same time, as the stresses of family life bounce off the need for some love and romance. Chick radio at its best.

Frances Lass, Radio Times, 8th July 2009