Arturart. Image shows from L to R: Miriam Elia, Arthur Smith, Phil Nice. Copyright: White Pebble Media.


BBC Radio 4 stand-up / sketch show about creating an art movement. 3 episodes (1 series) in 2009. Stars Arthur Smith, Miriam Elia and Phil Nice.

Series 1

1. Classical Civilisation and Arturantiquities

First broadcast: Tuesday 24th March 2009

In his first lecture, Smith considers the very beginnings of art with a visit to the oldest man-made image in Britain and a quick survey of the pre and post-Neanderthal scene. He also interviews radical young artist Vivien Vivien, reveals the truth about Van Gogh's ear and presents a guide to the unfathomable world of Dada.


2. The High Summer Of The Arturart Renaissance

First broadcast: Tuesday 31st March 2009

This week, Arthur looks at probably the most famous period in art history. Arthur deconstructs the Renaissance and asks if it is time for a 'Re-Renaissance'. The artist of the week is Caravaggio, who was not a very nice man.


3. Modern Arturart - Post-Modern Then Email-Modern

First broadcast: Tuesday 7th April 2009

Arthur continues his journey through the history of western representation and arrives at its most glorious flowering - his own work.