Richard Beckinsale. Copyright: BBC.

Albert And Me

BBC Radio 2 sitcom about a single father. 17 episodes (pilot + 2 series), 1977 - 1983. Stars Richard Beckinsale, Robert Lindsay and Pat Coombs.

Albert And Me - The Complete Series 1 & 2

Albert And Me - The Complete Series 1 & 2

Richard Beckinsale and Robert Lindsay star in this BBC radio sitcom about a single dad left holding the baby.

Bryan Archer's girlfriend has run off with the electrician, leaving him to raise their 18-month-old son, Albert, alone. Fortunately, Bryan's mum Pat is around to help out, but he still needs to get a job and earn enough money to pay the rent. Can he find an employer who'll let him bring Albert along?

These 17 episodes follow Bryan's mishaps and adventures juggling work and childcare, as he tries out as a cosmetic salesman, takes a driving job - but gets caught up in crime - and finds employment as a temporary filing clerk, where he has a bit of bother with a missing file. On holiday with Albert in Frimlington, he finds his fellow holidaymakers aren't too welcoming, and a family Christmas turns farcical when he realises he's managed to get himself double-booked for the festivities. And there are challenges in store as he tries to get a loan to buy a house, attempts to save his sister's marriage and gets a scare when his little boy is taken into hospital for tests....

Created by award-winning writer Jim Eldridge, whose credits include King Street Junior and Parsley Sidings, this sitcom about a doting single dad originally starred the late Richard Beckinsale as Bryan in the pilot and original 1977 series. The second series, broadcast in 1983, saw Robert Lindsay taking his place, and Pat Coombs reprising her roles as mum and baby Albert. The guest cast includes Douglas Blackwell, Dilys Laye, Gorden Kaye and Marcia Warren.

First released: Thursday 7th January 2021