Absolutely Delish. Copyright: BBC.

Absolutely Delish

BBC Radio 4 comedy drama. 4 episodes (1 series) in 2013.

Series 1

1. Home Alone

First broadcast: Tuesday 30th April 2013

Daisy Haggard stars as a hostess desperate to throw the most sophisticated New Year's Eve dinner party ever. If she can get this right then perhaps the rest of her new year will be equally successful. But despite her meticulous planning, things go a bit pear-shaped. And pears aren't even on the menu. Written by Rose Heiney.


2. The Food of Love

First broadcast: Tuesday 7th May 2013

Fantasy and food collide when Natasha's search for romance results in a rather strange dinner party. Her guests are happy to dish out plenty of advice, but how much can a brutal, blood thirsty totalitarian dictator really know about love? Written by Mark Evans.


3. Flying The Nest

First broadcast: Tuesday 14th May 2013

Ed and Annie are planning a special dinner for their two children. They've spent hours preparing, created the right kind of ambience and have carefully chosen the menu. After all, the family that eats together stays together. But tonight there might just be a few surprises on the kitchen table. Written by Alice Birch.


4. Grazing

First broadcast: Tuesday 21st May 2013

Both Rod (who's jobless) and Nadia (who's in love-limbo) need to revolutionise their lives. Health guru Leone promises to transform them from the inside out with a drastic diet. Written by Sophie Woolley.