Sean Lock's 15 Minutes Of Misery. Sean (Sean Lock). Copyright: BBC.

Sean Lock's 15 Minutes Of Misery

BBC Radio 4 sitcom. 6 episodes (1 series), 1998 - 1999. Stars Sean Lock, Kevin Eldon and Hattie Hayridge.

Series 1

1. Episode One

First broadcast: Wednesday 30th December 1998

Whilst waiting for Nazi Cyril to visit, Sean listens in to Honest Alf and the lorry driver upstairs having nightmares.


2. Episode Two

First broadcast: Wednesday 6th January 1999

Sean falls for one of his neighbours - until he hears her voice.


3. Episode Three

First broadcast: Wednesday 13th January 1999

Sean is beseiged by charity appeals. With the Bugger King, he overhears his neighbours planning a Robin Hood-style robbery.


4. Episode Four

First broadcast: Wednesday 20th January 1999

In order to entice moronic American tourists, Sean advertises the flat as a B&B.


5. Episode Five

First broadcast: Wednesday 27th January 1999

Sean tunes into the flat where the Top Of The Pops audience is kept. He also explains the Government's official Rate of Exaggeration.


6. Episode Six

First broadcast: Wednesday 3rd February 1999

Whilst waiting for ex-girlfriend Linda to visit, Sean explains his disgust of the animal kingdom and listens in to Hallmark card-writing neighbours.