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15 Minute Musical. Copyright: BBC.

15 Minute Musical

BBC Radio 4 sketch show satarising events. 53 episodes (8 series), 2004 - 2016. Stars Dave Lamb, Richie Webb, Melanie Hudson, Vicki Pepperdine and others.

Production Details

Production company

British Broadcasting Corporation

Also known as

15 Minute Musicals

The 15 Minute Musical

The music is composed by Richie Webb and produced by Matt Katz.
Laugh track
Live audience



The Drill Hall

BBC Radio Theatre

Recording dates
Series 5: 24/09/2008, 08/10/2008, 22/10/2008
Series 6: 09/11/2010, 23/11/2010, 06/12/2010
Series 7: 24/11/2012 (BBC Radio Theatre), 04/12/2012 (BBC Radio Theatre), 07/12/2012 (BBC Radio Theatre), 05/12/2016 (2015 specials BBC Radio Theatre)

Broadcast details

First broadcast
Wednesday 27th October 2004 on BBC Radio 4 at 11pm
Last new broadcast
Friday 30th December 2016 on BBC Radio 4 at 6:15pm
Last repeat
Wednesday 11th Jan 2017 at 11:15pm

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