British Comedy Quiz

Quiz 28

Time for another test of how well you've been paying attention to British TV, radio and film comedies.

1: Do you recognise this house? Name which show it is linked to.

Which show?

2: Which London Underground station is associated with a Radio 4 panel show?

3: Name the sitcom pictured here.

Which show?

4: Which of these shows, as of November 2018, has the most episodes?

5: Jessica Hynes starred in all five of the films listed below. But which role did she film first?

There She Goes. Emily (Jessica Hynes). Copyright: Merman.

6: Which sitcom has a theme tune that includes the lyrics "What'll I do when you are far away..."?

7: Who, on Would I Lie To You?, revealed they rated 98% on a psychopath test?

8: Which of these comedians is a regular on ITV quiz show The Chase?

9: Which sitcom is being filmed here?

Which show?

10: Which film was marketed with the tagline "This has to be the match of the day!"?

Bonus harder questions

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