British Comedy Quiz

Quiz 22

Good luck!

1: Which TV sitcom is this set from?

Which show?

2: Pick the show which has the most episodes.

3: Michael McIntyre recently set a sales record at the O2 Arena. How many tickets has he sold at the venue?

Michael McIntyre.

4: Which of these is NOT the name of a current or forthcoming live stand-up tour?

5: What is the correct title for BBC Three's sitcom about a bomb disposal team?

Name this show

6: Who went to the same school as Osama bin Laden?

7: Which radio show is pictured here?

Name this show

8: Which of these Strictly Come Dancing contestants was awarded the most points? (Total aggregate across their series)

9: Name this character.

Brian Butterfield. Peter Serafinowicz.

10: Name the character Dick Emery played, whose catchphrase was "Ooh, you are awful ... but I like you!"

Bonus harder questions

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