Dad's Army Quiz

Dad's Army launched on television on 31st July 1968. To celebrate the anniversary, BCG member Hercules Grytpype Thynne has written this quiz themed around the sitcom...

1. What was Mainwaring's wife's first name?

2. On the side of Jones' van, it stated J. JONES FAMILY BUTCHER, but what was the slogan underneath that?

Dad's Army. Clive Dunn

3. Mainwaring was married of course, but what other member of his squad had been married?

4. Who played the U-Boat captain? “Your name vill go on zee lizt, and ven vee vin zer var..."

Dad's Army

5. What is the alphanumeric on the square beige shoulder badge that each member of the squad has at the top of the uniform sleeve, both sides, just under the Home Guard patch?

6. At the toe curling party thrown by Mainwaring at his house (when we nearly get to see his wife!), what was it Frank took from the mantlepiece, dropped and broke?

7. Select the name of the bank that Mainwaring was manager of.

Dad's Army. Captain Mainwaring (Arthur Lowe). Copyright: BBC

8. The bank was at the top of the High Street, so was the ideal spot to mount the Lewis machine gun on sandbags. What area did Mainwaring proudly boast the gun could cover in that position?

9. What was the name of the bank's only female assistant? Played by Caroline Dowdeswell, she appeared in 5 episodes in total.

Caroline Dowdeswell

10. What was the name of the drunken brother of Captain Mainwaring? Also played by Arthur Lowe, the character appeared in a one-off show to dispute the ownership of their father's gold watch?

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