Quiz 185

Remember who was in Porridge? Good start, if so. If not, we've got a picture to help you.

1. Select the actor who did NOT star in Porridge.


2. Select how many times Tommy Cooper got married.

Tommy Cooper. Tommy Cooper. Copyright: London Weekend Television

3. Who starred in the central role in ITV sitcom Agony?

4. Here is the title screen of a programme. We have hidden the show's name. Which show is it?

Which show?

5. What is the surname of Mandy in Diane Morgan's sitcom?

Mandy. Mandy (Diane Morgan)

6. Katy Wix starred in a 2013 Channel 4 sketch series alongside...

7. Marti Caine was the stage name of Lynne Shepherd. But how was the stage name chosen?

Marti Caine. Copyright: BBC

8. Which of these is a genuine award?

9. Complete the name of James Acaster's book. James Acaster's Classic ______.

QI. James Acaster

10. Which Harry Potter star appeared alongside Jon Hamm in 2012 series A Young Doctor's Notebook?

Bonus questions loading...

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