Quiz 157

We think this is a fun bunch of questions. See if you agree...

1. In which show would you find characters called Tim, Mike, Marsha, Brian and Daisy?

2. Which of these entertainers was frequently the butt of jokes by Eric Morecambe?

The Morecambe & Wise Show. Image shows from L to R: Eric Morecambe, Ernie Wise. Copyright: BBC

3. Which show is being filmed in this picture?

Which show?

4. Which comedian co-founded The Establishment, a nightclub which became part of the 1960s satire boom?

5. Which actor is hidden behind the black box in this image?

Who is it?

6. Name the character Robert Webb is playing in this picture.

That Mitchell And Webb Look. Image shows from L to R: Robert Webb, David Mitchell. Copyright: BBC

7. Who played cookery writer Damien Trench in the Radio 4 and BBC Four sitcom In And Out Of The Kitchen?

8. In May, James Acaster appeared on The Jonathan Ross Show dressed as what kind of creature?

9. Which of the cast of the sketch show Absolutely played Calum Gilhooley?

Absolutely. Copyright: ABsoLuTeLy Productions

10. Select the person who is NOT a member of the improv group Austentatious.

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