British Comedy Quiz

Our first quiz

Welcome to our first ever interactive quiz. We'll be publishing one of these each Wednesday. Can you get 10 out of 10?

1: What was the name of the character Tim McInnerny played in the first two series of Blackadder?

2: The hit Radio 4 sitcom Cabin Pressure starred which of the following members of the Avengers cast?

3: Which comedian had a hit in 1965 with the song Tears?

4: What was the name of the character Ricky Gervais played in Extras?

5: Can you identify the sitcom from this single frame?

Which sitcom is this film frame from?.

6: Which of these comedians has won a series of Taskmaster?

7: In her recent series Cunk On Britain, which sitcom did Philomena Cunk seem to be a little obsessed with?

8: In what year was this sketch first broadcast?

9: Who has announced a stand-up show for 2019 called Trolls: Not the Dolls?

10: Where was 1977 sitcom Come Back Mrs Noah set?

Bonus harder questions

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