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Tomboy Tarts is made up of Raven Lim, Persis Shanker and Sharon Yusop. Collectively we have more than 15 years of television production experience with genres ranging from drama to reality and infotainment. This brand is a platform for women who share the same attitudes, desires, dreams and lifestyles to come together to share and celebrate the true essence of the tomboy personality.

Part of that includes our great love for comedy.

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An extension of Tomboy Tarts brand, Tomboy Tirade is a no holds barred podcast with a whole lot of geek and humour thrown into every episode. Hosted by Persis Shanker and Sharon Yusop, these two tomboys will tear apart just about anything and everything that catches their fancy. Whether it's technology, fashion, entertainment or politics, Persis and Sharon will give their two cents worth, and then some. Not your typical girl next door, these two will break down the world's trendiest topics of the moment in a fun, comical nutshell. Unlike most podcast shows that will send you to the 'REM Sleep Zone', Tomboy Tirade is produced like a half hour television show with breaks and jingles between chat segments. Expect no long-winded monotonous ramblings here. It's banter overdosed on caffeine.