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Okay, so where do I begin?
I was born in 1974 so I managed to catch most of the best sitcoms around. I don't have a particular favourite but the one that I have the fondest memories of when I was growing up was Open All Hours and of course Last of the Summer Wine on Sunday evenings. For me when an episode finished it meant school the next day:-(
My return to the sitcom world was when the first series Open All Hours was released on video; because it was one of my days off I sat and watched the lot. When I switched to DVD it was never the same again. I have systematically bought my way through the great and the good of sitcoms, classic British shows and the odd BFI classic too.
When I realise that I have only a couple episodes left to watch I go out and find something else to add to the collection.
I have just finished my first year of an English and Writing degree here in Leeds where I live happily with my fiance. I like all sorts of stuff too long to mention here.

Are there any Prisoner fans here?


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