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Hi, I'm Mark. I (alongside Aaron) have been running BCG since the early 2000s and over the last 10+ years it has turned from being a very part time tiny hobby to something that's taken over my life a bit!

My favourite British comedy of all time is Fawlty Towers - I was given the show on VHS when I was young and it was a total revelation. I'd never seen anything properly hilarious before. I instantly became a comedy fan and began the process of seeking out other sitcoms straight away. After a while, I decided to try and catalogue things... and eventually that list became this website (obviously not all the guides you see on the site now are written by me though - a brilliant team of contributors help curate a lot of the content nowadays).

If you've got any questions or feedback about the site - or if you would like to go on an underwhelming date - you can email me via

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Grotto @ The HoHo Theatre 2015 launch. Bob Slayer.

Bob Slayer launches Grotto @ The HoHo Theatre 2015

Friday 4th December 2015
This feature refers to an event that has now finished

Grotto @ The HoHo Theatre has popped up in London. The old Lyons & Co Tea Rooms venue, now run by Bob Slayer, will feature lots of comedy across December. Here are some pictures from the launch.


Simon Brodkin.

Dave's Leicester Comedy Festival 2016

Monday 23rd November 2015
This feature refers to an event that has now finished

The programme for Dave's Leicester Comedy Festival - which runs from 3rd to 21st February 2016 - has been revealed. You can win tickets to the preview show.


Will Franken.

Sarah Franken interview

Monday 9th November 2015

Sarah Franken talks about performing her stand-up show at the Museum Of Comedy, why she prefers living in the UK compared to America, and discusses being transgender.