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I'm a working (usually) screenwriter who enjoys comedy and is always meaning to write a sitcom. Quite like sketch writing, but have never made a serious attempt to get them produced. Still awaiting the big break - 'though this is my second career , so perhaps I shouldn't be greedy. Formerly an advertising creative - I may even have written a few commercials you know. Or not.

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Larry Barker started his career in advertising and is the creator of many highly awarded campaigns - taking top prizes at the British Television Awards, New York's Clio's and Cannes.
His work has ranged from the visually arresting (Levi's 'Swimmer', the original Haagen Dazs 'sexy' campaign & the launch of the Orange brand) - to the smart & witty (Alliance & Leicester, Foster's, Barclaycard)
It afforded him the opportunity to write for, and work with, some major talent - Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie, Harry Enfield & Paul Hogan, to name but a few.
And to collaborate with top directors including Stephen Frears, Peter Chelsom, Jonathon Glazier, Tarsem & Tom Hooper (the last three of which he gave their first big break!).
Having risen to the top of the ladder (Executive Creative Director of the world's most creative agency and President of D&AD - advertising's Oscars) he realised that he was getting increasingly removed from the thing he loved most - writing & shooting.
So, he decided to commit himself to writing for the screen.
He buried himself in his craft for two years and emerged with a body of work - and an agent.
Larry has secured options on his first three screenplays, has two others in development and is in constant demand for projects that require anything from a sensitive re-write to a page one overhaul.

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