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Hi I'm Hennell. I'm a media production graduate which means I have no serviceable skills in anything and thus spend my time writing comedy.

I mainly tend to write topical stuff, which occasionally gets used on various BBC Radio shows, often gets posted to my own twitter, and mostly just fills notebooks for no purpose. If anyones in the bristol area and wants to meet up for some writingy-ness do pm me.

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I am a Media Production student, with a great fondness for writing topical and political humour as well as creating really bad puns.

So far my credits include gags for series 2 & 3 of Radio 4's Look Away Now, and jokes and sketches for BBC Radio 4 Extras, Newsjack, Radio Scotland's Watsons Wind Up, and material for link=http://www.treasonshow.co.uk/home.shtml]The Treason Show[/link].

I've also written front page articles for NewsBiscuit, and material for a monthly topical podcast from Comedy 365. I've even suggested a couple of topical puns for use on BBC4's The Late Edition.

Currently I'm writing topical jokes for various BBC Radio programes, as well as working on a radio sitcom idea, and writing up a couple of humourous afternoon play outlines.

As well as my writing I also draw cartoons, which I then publish on my blog. Although most of them are stand alone pieces I have created a couple of themed series such as those on the website nodaddy.com. Another series of 25 advent cartoons from December 2007 was recently featured in a local art trail, along with a couple of my best stand-alone works. Many of these cartoons can be now viewed on my website.

I'm interested in collaborating with any other like minded writers, and am happy to try working via skype or e-mail if distance is an issue. I am open to any opportunity of work and love the challenge of writing on very specialist subjects (Geeky computer topics especially).

For more on my writing, cartoons and other projects check out my website; hennell-online.co.uk.

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