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I love The Mighty Boosh, Chris Morris, The League of Gentlemen, Nighty Night, The Inbetweeners, Star Stories, Peep Show and The Simpsons. Favourite comedy film? Must be Throw Momma from the Train.

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I'm currently developing a website called StarryID The site is a talent pool, which creative you can use as your own free social website to promote your creative work.

I am also writing a sitcom called Colonel Tucky's Chicken Shed (set in a takeaway staffed by redundant professionals), a feature length screenplay called 'Doorsteppers' (inept door to door salesman has to become a hero to rescue his colleague from a kidnapper and the girl he fancies from a splosh party that gets out of hand).

I get angered and exhilarated by reality TV, the hypersexualisation of culture, the ubiquity of the banal, the bizarre and the base. I like humour dark and surreal.

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