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Living in a church in the mountains of Southern Spain, actively writing a book on how to rear pet Daleks. I have one living in the shed next to the Church. Always looking for writing work. Check this out if you want a good laugh www.kalamitykevin.blogspot.com

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Worked for AWOL custom motorcycle magazine with my own regular column. It was supposed to be a techy type column but I received hundreds of letters at the office praising the comedy aspect of it. People who would not normally read technical articles became avid followers of 'Kev'll Fix It'
Worked for the rival BSH motorcycle magazine on features of custom bikes.
Now retired and living in a church (yes really) in the mountains of Southern Spain. Spend time writing and filming articles on how to blow things up.....check out www.kalamitykevin.blogspot.com or FATHERKAY on You Tube to view the videos. Always looking for writing or indeed acting opportunities.
Currently writing a book detailing the pleasures and pitfalls of owning a pet Dalek.