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I was born in the early 1700s under a rock. I'm 11ft 45in tall. I'm currently the prince of Cuba. I can speak 250,000 languages and am very good at sports. I've starred in 9million films, all of which were about flying unicorns. My best friend is a tree and drinking water gets me drunk. I also make up ridiculously inaccurate pieces of information about my life in a pathetic attempt to be funny.

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All I've done so far is work on a draft sitcom, which I have sent to a number of production companies. I have also done a sketch show that is also doing the rounds at a number of production companies. I've worked alone to date, but would be interested in collaborating with others in the future. Edit - I have had a sitcom performed at the 2009 Sitcom Trials and have a video of it on youtube. I also have a sketch online as well as two short films, "Dawn of the Dead End" and "Bog Rolled". More videos are on the way. I am now working with James Cotter and Josh Meritt on "The Spicer Life".
My favourite sitcoms are Friends, Father Ted, The Drew Carey Show, Black Books, Men Behaving Badly, The Office, The IT Crowd, Extras, Green Wing, Scrubs, Coupling, Arrested Development and The Mighty Boosh.

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