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Oh goody, yet another internet form to I haven't spent enough time of my life filling these out at various places.
If I was clever I'd have one standard profile block of text saved to word for handy a-copying and a-pasting, but I don't think that far ahead. Besides that'd be too impersonal, like getting a standard "thanks for your e-mail, random person" from someone's work based e-mail address the millesecond you send your e-mail to them. Does that annoy anyone else.

Oh what a stream of conciousness...I do apolo-ma-gise.

Anyway, yeah, probably running out of space now, so I'll just say I'm Paul, I like comedy (duh!) Anything including but not limited to: Scrubs, The Micallef P(r)ogram(mme), Spaced, Flight of the Conchords, The Day Today, Alan Partridge (Funny how I thought of those two together isn't it..I wonder why) The Armando Iannuchi Shows (Ha, the link continues) Peep Show, Mitchell and Webb Look (yep, my mind only works in pairs it seems) know...loads. Pretty standard really eh?

Radio Stuff too.... Charm Offensive, John Shuttleworth,...are lists really important? Am I a better person if I list everything I like and you read them and say "YES!" when you see one you like?
Nothing else, just "YES!"


Well.....well, I'll just stop then.


Oh yeah, and I've made some formative attempts to write and create my own radio based comedy shows, look at my website for the link.
Yes it's Myspace but I'm a recovering student...YOU pay for my proper website please!! (seriously though...DO give it a click...oh parodies..)