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I like writng comedy most of all although I have done short stories.
I had two comedy plays produced on London Fringe in '98....yikes, that long ago! I have written three sitcoms. One was a hair's breadth of getting accepted, then they said it was too risque....it's set in a massage parlour but is mostly about one of the masseuers rather than what goes on in the salon. Another sitcom I sent to the beeb took a year of their committee meetings until finally it got the Head of Comedy's approval. All she had to do was draw up a contract....then she left suddenly and the new head wanted to discover her own 'babies'
I then sent two spec scripts of The Royle Family to Carolyne Ahern's agent, they loved 'em but said in her contract only she could write for the prog. I then sent them to ITV as an example of my writing and the Head of comedy Andy Harris rang me up and asked had I gotr anything else...I hadn't at the time.
My favourite sitcom is Gimmi Gimmi Gimmi with the Blue Line close behind.
I don't know how anyone gets through the length of a day without having a good laugh.

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