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Hmmm. What to say?

Outside of comedy, I enjoy doing stuff.

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I was a finalist in the BBC's 'Sketch Factor' competition which led to sketches being broadcast on Recorded For Training Purposes and the probability of being commissioned for series three (if there is one!)

My influences are all over the place, pretty much any British comedy. Oddly, the ones I really, really like are the ones least likely to influence the style I write in - I couldn't be the next Chris Morris or Mighty Boosh for instance.

I suppose the sketch shows I like which my style is most similar to would be things like Big Train, Mitchell & Webb, Armstrong & Miller etc.

I also do reasonable snappy satire - one liners and comments rather than full-blown satirical sketches.

You may see me posting on this site as 'Afinkawan'. I'm not specifically looking to collaborate but I would be open to collaboration on individual projects.

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